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Ketterer design

Ketterer design is a creative studio that makes fashion accessories, illustrations and branding taking references from the pop culture and post-modern decoration of the 80s and 90s. Behind the Ketterer universe is Ana, a creative, meticulous and proactive professional.
Venezuelan by birth, she reflects the strength and passion for colors, shapes and accurate presentation in her projects. In Europe, her training: With a degree in Art History and a diploma in Visual Arts, she studied in Rome, Barcelona and Dublin, where she also developed her professional career in the international business and creative fields.

A little bit more about me:

My film: Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown by Pedro Almodóvar
A Dish: Gazpacho
References: Memphis Milano vs. Bauhaus
A place: the Caribbean
The trend: Ethnic Pop
Melodies: Disco
Indispensable: The elegance
Current Concept: The Empowerment
A character: James Bond

Fashion accessories and illustrations that take references from the pop culture and post-modern decoration of the 80s.

Unique models with a specific series of color combinations that mark the collection: #COLORMIX

Pieces made of cast methacrylate, recyclable material, resistant to impact and weathering.

The closures are made of silver plated in Spain and are elaborated of a combination of non-polluting and impactful metals on allergic skin.

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